Supporting you to lead the life you choose

At Principle Support, we support people with learning disabilities to live in their own homes whether it is living on your own or sharing with friends and family. We offer a creative and flexible support service that is as varied as the many people who use it. The support ranges from a few hours day, each week or 24 hours a day we can provide support that is designed by you.

We can help you find your own home, move into your new home and find other people to live or share with.

You can expect to receive our commitment to support your personal development and we encourage you to take an active role in their local community, supporting you to live independently, making your own decisions and establishing your own future.

Support is delivered by qualified and dedicated staff. Staff undergo continuous training to ensure you high quality support. We take time to help you choose the right staff you want to support you. It is not just any staff but staff with similar interest and willingness to support you to explore more things to do.

Some of the supported living services include support with:
  • Personal care.
  • Accessing local community.
  • Planning and preparing meals.
  • Eating and drinking.
  • Domestic tasks including shopping, budgeting, laundry and cleaning etc.
  • Tenancy management.
  • Personal affairs.
  • Finding and accessing employment and educational courses.