Supporting you to lead the life you choose

​We support anyone with a personal budget including older people to:

  • Identifying the person’s preferences, needs, and resources, leading to planning goals.
  • Putting together a support plan that fits the person’s needs.
  • Writing and costing the support plan.
  • Identifying and evaluation of potential support options.
  • Finding and negotiating, and contracting with support providers.
  • Finding and or preparing community services and resources.
  • Building personal networks and/or helping the person to do so.
  • Coordinating support arrangements and other resources within the plan in readiness for implementation.

  • Initiating implementation and reviewing within the first three months, making necessary changes during the three months period and at reviewing stage.
  • Mediating and solving any issues that arise along the way.
  • The support plan incorporates your views and the views of people that know you well, will identify your strengths and needs.
  • Based on this assessment you will receive a schedule of input that is designed to strike a balance between your independence, your need for support and your right to make lifestyle choices.
  • The Support Plan will be a living document and will be subject to regular review to ensure that the support remains relevant.

Using the Support Plan you are helped to achieve and build competence in the essential areas of independent living. This could mean that you are supported for a few hours everyday, overnight or even 24 hours a day. We offer a flexible support planning service and can arrange support planning time that suits you and this includes weekends.